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June 7 2017 | Posted in General

Mariner baseball and changes to the tax laws!

As tax season fades and the baseball season is a third in the books, we start to invest in both.

We as sure that the Mariners are going to finish last since they started out losing most of their first 10 games. Then, we are more optimistic when they get back to playing 500 baseball.

Doesn’t take long until our four best pitchers are injured and fall back 10 games only to later go on to win 9 of our last 10 games.

The same can be said of the various tax laws that have been floated by the president and congress. We tell our corporate clients, hang in there and when those rates on corporate profits drop, you will want to be a corporation.

However, with all the noise going on in Washington DC, I’m unclear if any significant tax laws will be passed. Certainly not in the near future so what is the strategy for my clients—both individuals and entities?

Rely on the laws we currently have for decisions in the next year or two and then we might have a better idea. Will Capital gains go down—will the estate tax go away—will rates fall on all types of returns? The Trump plan has all of these things happening.

Just like Mariner Baseball. We want them to win—we root for them to win—and we believe they will win. The question is always WHEN?

To use some of the old George Bush lines that Dana Carvey did so well, my advice is to:

“Stay the course”

Significant changes “Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture”

It’s kind of hard without the hand gestures!!

Thanks for listening and I will talk at you again.

February 18 2017 | Posted in General

Sometimes you only think you’re the boss!

Anew year, a new address and a new logo. Tax season is upon us and my staff is working hard to get all the return in and out as fast and as accurate as possible.

They are a very smart and likeable group of accountants and I feel a little guilty when I take credit for all their hard work. Remember, I said a little guilty.

Every once in a while I get a little to full of myself. Just recently, one of the CPA’s who works here came to me and said; “The painters what to know which end of the office to start doing the touch up work on?”.

Well I immediately came out of my office and told her; “I’m not sure why they are asking you these questions, let me talk to them and you can get back to what you were doing”!.

She walked me down the hall and up to the painter and as she started back to her office she said to the man “el jefe”.

I know enough Spanish to realize she told the man that I’m the boss. And, I believe there was just a little bit of “what are you going to do now” in her voice.

My response was to talk loud when I told him what I needed him to do because that certainly works when you’re not fluent in a language. It didn’t take long before I asked for help from my bilingual accountant who handled the whole thing with minimal input from me.

Duly noted—I was not really in charge of that situation. However, I was pleased to know that we have now added Spanish to the Chinese, Korean, Russian, and French that staff here at the office are fluent in.

Please come visit us at our new offices—1407 116th Avenue NE #222. If you are on the corner of 12th and 116th, you will see our signs on the building. We love to have visitors, even during tax season.

Remember our phone number and emails will not change!!!

Thanks for listening and I will talk at you again.

Rick Walter, CPA

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Rick Walter, CPA

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